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Competition Vision

CBT100 companies are the driving forces of economic development, and CBT100 cities are the major bases for industrialization of innovation. Therefore, the CBT100 Forum, together with a CBT100 city (Wuxi (Xishan)) and a CBT100 company (Zhongtai Group), will jointly hold the 1st Global Best Innovation 100 Competition (GBI100), to promote better transformation of high-quality scientific and technological achievements on a global scale, with 100 awards and the top prize of USD$1 million. Reunify the great Chinese dream and build a global community of destiny together.

(2001- Now)

CBT100 companies are the most profitable 500 companies in China. The annual profits generated by the CBT100 companies have accounted for about 95% of the total profits of all listed companies in China, and their revenues have accounted for 35% of the total GDP of China. Therefore, CBT100 companies are the driving forces of economic development, and they are key to advancements of science and technology.

(2015- Now)

CBT100 cities are the 100 cities with the largest GDP, ranked by the Warton Economic Institute according to the CBT100 Index. The GDP of CBT100 cities has accounted for 75% of the national total, which makes them the major bases for economic development and industrialization of innovation.


The China Business Top 100 Forum(CBT100 Forum), an annual financial conference first held by Warton Economic Institute in 2001, gathers senior executives of “China Business Top 100 List” companies, economists, and government officials to discuss the future of Chinese economic development. It is also a unique mechanism and platform for exchanges of experience and cooperation between top 100 enterprises and entrepreneurs. It has been successfully held for 18 consecutive years and enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad. It has made a unique contribution to enhancing the overall competitiveness of Chinese listed companies and promoting China's economic reform and development. Since 2015, the top 100 listed companies in China have been co-organized with the China Top 100 Cities Comprehensive Development Forum, and has achieved good results.

Competition Features

Practicability of the Competition

Investment practitioners of China Business Top 100 (CBT100) Companies and CBT100 Funds act as judges of the competition and will make direct investment decisions for outstanding projects.

Capital of Large Scale

Strategic investment in projects is driven by the industrial capital of CBT100 companies, while investment funds make financial following investment.

Diversification of Projects

The competition features both domestic and international projects that are held by either individuals or teams. Stages of projects cover the start-up stage, Round-A, Round-B, as well as later rounds.

Plenty of Awards

The competition arranges a total of 100 awards, including the GBI100 Diamond Award, Gold Awards, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards, Excellence Awards, and Finalist Awards. In particular, the GBI100 Diamond Award is worth of USD1mn.

Organizing Institutions

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Undertake Organizers
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Media Cooperation Units
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