The 2019 GBI100 Competition began to collect projects!

2019-11-20 origin:China Area

The 2019 Global Best Innovation 100 (GBI100) Competition is an international competition that features R&D and innovation. The Competition is organised by the Organising Committee of the GBI100 Competition, and co-organised by the CBT100 Forum, Xishan District of Wuxi, Xinjiang Zhongtai Group, Chinese Universities (East China / South China) Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Centres and the Association for Collaborative Leadership (ACL). Partners of the Competition also include but are not limited to China Technology Exchange and MetaLab. The Competition provides 100 award-winning opportunities, with the highest prize worthy of 1 million US dollars.  


CBT100 companies are the most profitable 500 companies in China. In recent years, the annual profits generated by CBT100 companies have accounted for about 95% of the total profits of all listed companies in China. Therefore, CBT100 companies are the driving forces of economic development in China. In 2018, CBT100 companies collectively generated a total profit of 4.4 trillion yuan and a total revenue of 33.7 trillion yuan. If CBT100 companies take 2% of their revenue to purchase and invest in science and technology achievements, the capital pool will reach a huge scale of 674 billion yuan (about 100 billion US dollars), which should have great appeal to international science and technology achievements. Therefore, the GBI100 Competition will be the largest innovation-themed competition in the world in terms of scale, bonus and investment power.


Competition Themes:

Global Linkage, Frontier Focus, CBT100 Investment and Transformation Orientation


Competition Fields:

  • Artificial intelligence and information
  • Life sciences and health
  • New energy and new materials
  • Cultural creativity, film and electronic sports


Competition Zones:

International Division: North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia

Domestic Division: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen


Competition Awards:

The 2019 GBI100 Competition will screen 200 projects into the grand final. The Competition provides a total of 100 awards, including the GBI100 Diamond Award (USD1,000,000), Gold Awards (4*USD200,000), Silver Awards (8*USD100,000), Bronze Awards (12*USD50,000), Excellence Awards, and Finalist Awards. 



The Competition is now collecting technologically leading and innovative projects. The Competition is open to all entities, which include but are not limited to individuals, teams and companies. Projects include start-up projects and projects that have completed the A-round and B-round financing.


Review criteria:

1. Technological advancement. Whether the technical level of the project is in the leading position in the world.

2. Economic feasibility. Whether the market capacity, development trend, and profit prospects of the project are economically viable.

3. Operational and management level. Whether the level of operation, management and risk control of the project team meets the requirements of high-speed and high-quality development of companies.

How to Participate

Owners of projects who are interested in participating in the Competition or the concessionaires of the Competition can register via the Competition official platform (, and upload relevant project information online as required (find the “Project Registration” section). For more information, please refer to the official platform of the Competition or directly contact the Organizing Committee of the Competition.


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