Notice on the award ceremony and adjustment of the award setting of the first Global Best Innovation 100 Competition

2020-11-20 origin:China Area

The award ceremony of the first Global Best Innovation 100 Competition (GBI100) will be held on November 18th at Xizhou Garden Hotel, Xishan District, Wuxi City! It will be announced that which science and technology projects will eventually win the million-dollar  GBI100 diamond award and various gold, silver, and bronze awards.


The list of the top 100 excellent projects of this competition was released in June 2020. The top 100 excellent projects are selected based on the scores of the roadshow competition and the independent, objective, fair and scientific evaluation of the participating companies by the competition organizing committee. Among the top 100 excellent projects, 52 are in the fields of artificial intelligence and information, 20 in the fields of life sciences and health, 20 in the fields of new energy and new materials, and 8 in the fields of cultural creativity and film.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, the process of this competition has slowed down. At the same time, according to the distribution of the top 100 excellent projects, the award setting of the competition has also been adjusted accordingly. The fields of life sciences and health, new energy and new materials, cultural creativity and film will be combined to award a set of GBI100 gold, silver, and bronze awards. The awards in the field of artificial intelligence and information remain unchanged. The specific list of winners is subject to the information announced at the award ceremony.


When the award ceremony is held, at least one person must be present for each award-winning project to attend the ceremony and receive the award. Domestic projects that are not present will be deemed to automatically give up the corresponding award. The top two winning projects in foreign competition areas can receive awards through video connection, and other foreign award-winning projects can be organized to receive awards and award bonuses when they come to China after the epidemic.


The GBI100 Excellence prize will be distributed to the designated account of each winning project after the award ceremony. Other award-winning projects (GBI100 diamond award, gold, silver, and bronze) will be pre-paid 20,000 yuan after the award ceremony.


The GBI100 Diamond Award, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards of the first Global Best Innovation 100 Competition will be announced on the official website of the competition at the time of the award ceremony. During the half-year publicity period, if the property rights of these projects are unquestionable (e.g. there is no dispute), the willingness of investors (Specifically refers to the investor who is connected to the project via the official platform and registered and certified on the platform) to invest in these projects are real, and the investment funds are in place, that is, to meet the awarding conditions, these projects will officially win the corresponding awards of this competition, and the corresponding bonuses will need to be deducted from the advance payment of 20,000 yuan. If the above conditions are not met, the award will be filled by the next sub-project. If there is no substitute project that meets the award conditions, the corresponding award will not be awarded.



*Note: Before the award ceremony, the organizing committee will contact all projects one by one to sign the commitment letter.

*Note: The final interpretation right of this competition belongs to the competition organizing committee.