DigsFact LLC

Division:South/North America

Field:Artificial Intelligence

Project Evaluation:3500000 Financing Amount:Secret Cede Share:Secret

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Project description

1 Description

DigsFact has its own patented technology to allow anyone to: 

- Create a High Quality Virtual Tour of properties, comparable to those of 360º cameras, 

- Using their smartphone only, 

- Which automatically calculates the dimensions of each room, 

- Allows user to add comments for each room, which can be shown/hidden by viewers of the virtual tour 

- Shows relevant permit data for that property to show what renovations and repair work occurred on that property in the past, and when, 

- Has the quality comparable to 360º cameras 

- Costs less than a dollar to create and publish a virtual tour, vs 360º cameras which costs thousands of dollars

With leading phone companies like Apple and Samsung spending so much money on improving their cameras, there is no need to waste time and money on expensive hardware (360º cameras) to make high quality virtual tours and 3D models of properties. Additionally, as image recognition technology has made significant progress, a lot of work for Insurance industry, Mortgage Lending industry as well as Real Estate Brokerage industry can be automated and cost + cycle time can be reduced.

2 Innovation

Two patents pending:

- First, for automatically measuring dimensions of any area in the house. E.g.: Kitchen, closet space, bathroom, bedroom, living room, storage room, etc.

- Second, for  technology that allows anyone to build a high quality virtual tour using a smartphone only, within MINUTES, and for less than one USD, instead of using expensive 360 degree cameras like matterport (which cost thousands of dollars), while providing more features and capabilities than what the 360 degree cameras offer!

3 Market & Risk

DigsFact is disrupting three major industries with its product offering:

- Real Estate

- Insurance (P&C)

- Mortgage Lending

4 Team & Operation

DigsFact was founded in June 2018 and consists of two founders. 

- *** Tomar: He is the Founder & CEO and is responsible for the company's overall vision, strategy, operations and business development

- *** Jackson: He is the Co-Founder and CIO/CTO/CISO and handles everything related to the company's IT strategy, security, scalability, etc.