Karyosofit empowers microbiome scientists for rapid data mining of genome sequences in real time with just a few click tools to drive innovations in life sciences

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Field:Life Science and Health

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Project description

1 Description

Problem: In microbiome research, with the availability of cheaper sequencing technologies, the biologists generate huge amounts of omics (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics etc.) data each year from microbes (and also from other organisms) which are larger than the data stored by YouTube and Twitter, to improve crops, animal, and human health. The problem is that these biologists, who typically lack coding skills, don’t have the tools to effectively manage and analyze the data. They need to work with bioinformaticians (analysts) to help them do so. This costs organizations millions of dollars and delays innovation.

2 Innovation

Karyosoft’s Loci, an Omics Intelligence data management Platform, empowers microbiome biologists for rapid data mining of genome sequences in real-time with just few click tools to accelerate innovations. Loci creates value for organizations by (1) accelerating time to market for their innovations by saving time of scientists’ (10-25%) and bioinformaticians’ (20-50%) (2) providing higher data integrity by serving a central omics data repository and minimizing data preparation time (3) saving cost through increased efficiency and productivity.

3 Market & Risk

Although our market is global and spans several industries, we are starting with the US Ag-biotech industry first. There are over 58,000 AgTech Researchers in the US. We plan to expand into other verticals in life sciences where there is a total of 194k scientists. This expands our total serviceable available market (SAM) to $2.1 Billion annually. Our total available market (TAM) is data Analysis, storage & management Market in Life Sciences is projected to reach USD 41.1 billion by 2024 from USD 18.7 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 17.1%.

4 Team & Operation

Founder and CEO: Mr. Perianayagam Ph.D., founded Karyosoft LLC, with 3 decade of experience in biology, molecular genetics, genomics, business development and sales at WSU, UMC, Dow AgroSciences and Roche Diagnostics; Mr. Pawar Ph.D., technical lead, has 10+ years of experience in bioinformatics and computer science at Georgia State University. Also, we have a great team of advisors with 50+ years of business experience in life sciences industries.