Division:South/North America

Field:Life Science and Health

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Project description

1 Description

We are developing a safe and effective, new class of therapeutics for diabetes, obesity and related metabolic conditions. Our therapeutics work entirely in the gut where they trigger specific cellular receptors causing a therapeutic increase in the levels of key metabolic hormones, including GLP-1, PYY & CCK. Your own hormones work naturally, safely and powerfully to control blood sugar, appetite, food intake and metabolism.

2 Innovation

We have been awarded three patents, have two more patents in process, and plan to file many more patents involving our technologies.  In addition, continuing research has provided us with additional technologies that we have shown to restore balance to the unbalanced microbiome associated with diabetes and obesity and to reduce liver fibrosis through the microbiome.

3 Market & Risk

The potential market size is enormous.  The (non-insulin) diabetes and obesity drug market is over $35 billion.  The market for functional foods and nutraceuticals targeting these conditions amount to over $30 billion.  Our initial target market would be nutraceuticals for diabetes and obesity, followed by the functional food markets, and upon regulatory approval, the pharmaceutical markets.  The number of potential customers in the China and US is 300-400 million, with several hundred million more in the rest of the world.

4 Team & Operation

Phyteau was founded in July of 2017 to commercialize an innovative therapeutic approach that has been in development for several years.  Our core team combines an Internationally-recognized authority on the pancreas and metabolic diseases with over 20 years experience in international business experience -- comprising strategy, market analysis, technology commercialization and management along with extensive startup experience.