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Project description

1 Description

MapGage is a cloud based solution allowing companies to integrate maps , CAD drawings, field staff observations, drone & sensor data into their daily operations. MapGage increases the practical & operational value of emerging technologies.

2 Innovation

MapGage helps companies collect and manage geospatial data, visualize IoT and manual field data on top of satellite or drone maps and take actions with it's unique location based mobile process flow builder.

3 Market & Risk

MapGage can be used in large smart city, maritime company, highway administration,park administration, architecture company etc.

4 Team & Operation

 The company is created by three entrepreneurs who have associated their experiences in geographic information systems, platform development, digitalisation of work, as well as in executing and managing surveys and inspection jobs all over the world. We knew that fieldwork progress administration and reporting was not efficient, getting together we decided to act upon the problem.