Seattle Gummy Company

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Field:Life Science and Health

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Project description

1 Description

Seattle Gummy Company is a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on delivering active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) using innovative gummy (semi-solid chewable gel) formulations.  

Soft and chewable gummy formulation is a perfect delivery carrier for medications, especially for populations having problem swallowing pills and capsules. Children younger than 6 generally lack fully developed gag reflex and could not swallow solid dosage forms. In addition, one in every 25 adults in US has swallowing problems. Syrup is often gooey, hard to measure and prone to spill. Making it difficult to accurately dose and treat the patient, which leads to ineffective treatment, medication waste, and significant patient compliance issue.

SGC provides a perfect solution for these problems. Building upon its proprietary API-Complexing technology and sugar-free GUMMY ZERO® matrix protected by a large and robust IP portfolio, the company has developed stable and great tasting gummy drugs treating varieties of conditions. With the initial focus on pediatric and geriatric markets, SGC’s current drug development program features a suite of gummy drugs for treating allergy, pain, fever, cough, nausea, insomnia, inflammatory, and bacterial infection. SGC’s first gummy drug, Ceteric™ Allergy Gummy, has been published at with the IND being submitted to FDA and the clinical trial scheduled to start in January 2020. The three additional drug candidates are now in PIND stages. With a long and robust drug development pipeline, SGC aims to change how the medication is taken in the world.

2 Innovation

SGC has developed key proprietary technologies protected by more than 40 patent filings.  These core platform technologies enable SGC to formulate gummy drugs.  API-complexing technology enables SGC to incorporate small molecule APIs into gummy matrix solving API solubility, API and formulation stability, drug release profile as well as drug taste issues.  The combination of trulinose, Gummy Zero and sugar-free matrix technology allows the company to formulate low to zero glycemic, natural tasting and diabetic-safe formulations.  In addition, SGC has established a robust FDA regulatory infrastructure with collective more than 100 years of regulatory experiences to push the company's gummy drugs through the FDA approval process.

3 Market & Risk

The pharmaceutical market size that is addressable by SGC's products is astronomical.  in 2017, the global pharmaceutical market was estimated to be $1170 billions; US OTC market alone worth $145 billions and US prescription market worth $325B.  SGC's gummy drugs in the current development pipeline covers a market size of over $5 billions.

4 Team & Operation

The company management team comprises of industry leaders and experts in pharmaceutical chemistry, polymer chemistry, drug development, FDA compliance, Intellectual property, business strategy and operation and commercialization.  The team credentials include multiple Ph.D.s, MBAs and J.D.  The collective chemistry and pharmaceutical experience is over 100 years.  The team members hold collectively over 200 invention patents.  On the FDA regulatory team includes both FDA regulatory veterans (previous FDA reviewers) as well as clinical trial experts.