Division:South/North America

Field:Artificial Intelligence

Project Evaluation:120 Financing Amount:Secret Cede Share:Secret

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Project description

1 Description

Child rare diseases have developed rapidly in the past decade, from the hundreds of diseases in our medical school textbooks to more than 7,000 rare diseases found so far. An artificial intelligence assistant for clinician now is essential to apply the new discoveries of the past decade to everyday clinical practice for the benefit of patients. For this purpose, we developed a pediatrician's assistant for RdPro rare diseases. 

2 Innovation

To find rare disease patients from massive population via face photo scan is a world leading advanced AI technology. we have only one competitor in US: FDNA which was invested by facebook in 2014.  

Our face screening can detect over 200 diseases, some of which can reach to 94% accuracy. 

To lock down hi risk patient by our clinic module is another technological innovation, Our RdPRo can narrow down suspect patient within 30 possible rare diseases from 7000 diseases. and in 10,000 clinic cases, the accuracy is about 89%

3 Market & Risk

Industry status: urgent requirement from clinical paediatricians. only one supplier in the  world. no access into Chinese market.

market size: without RdPro: $2M in China. With RdPro: will be $80-100M in China

Market share: suppose to have over 60% of total market share in China in first year's promotion