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Project description

1 Description

*** Factory’s Home Beacon System is alarm service to detect trespassing, and proactive warning service for illegal disguised intrusion including meterman, food delivery and parcel service. If there’s intruder or disguised trespassing, Beacon Light System is working automatically and sends warning message to your guardian and police by app in your smart-phone simultaneously.

2 Innovation

It will maximize your safety through cost-effectiveness and DIY installation.

- In-house crime prevention system

- Crime prevention against disguised intrusion

- Supports crime prevention contents by platform App. service

- Intelligent detection sensor on window against illegal intrusion 

3 Market & Risk

With increase of single household Low cost due to the increase of residential intrusion crime

Need the best safety device. 

Single household for 20s-50s A housewife who spends a lot of time alone at home is the primary target.

4 Team & Operation

*** Factory Co., Ltd. has secured a solid distribution channel and is laying a stable business foundation through original sourcing products.

We are developing and commercializing IoT products and services based on short-range and telecommunication technologies.

Based on broadcasting and telecommunication technology for the past 20 years, utilizing various experiences of commercialization of various products, we are consolidating and securing.

The synergy of securing distribution channels aims to grow into a strong company that will lead the fourth industrial revolution.