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Field:Artificial Intelligence

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Project description

1 Description

Automating products is extremely expensive and time consuming and there is a minefield of IP to navigate. We've done the leg work and OEM's need only license our software module that runs on low cost and processing power hardware and their products can enter the mobile robotics space in no time.

2 Innovation

Our solution is Q-SLAM, an in-house designed and implemented Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) solution. Q-SLAM is a comprehensive autonomous navigation solution that builds a map of its environment while learning its location. It solves many real-world problems, such as adaptive navigation and operating in GPS-denied environments. Q-SLAM is easily adapted to support different products, such as covering all positions in an environment (autonomous vacuum, concrete thickness measurement, etc.) or just getting from A-to-B (autonomous cart, tow-robot, smart refuse bin, etc.). Q-SLAM is scalable and light-weight, delivering more in less time from a small micro-controller. This enables Q-SLAM to support future applications like situational awareness wearables and collaborative AI. We own extensive IP in AI, including over 100 patents (36 granted, 28 allowed, 113 pending).

3 Market & Risk

Q-SLAM is applicable to many markets. Its first applications are in commercial/consumer robot vaccums, commercial floor cleaners, and autonomous refuse bins, which belong to the commercial service robots (20% CAGR), global cleaning robot (16% CAGR), smart home devices (16.9% CAGR), robot vacuum cleaner markets (11.2% CAGR). Q-SLAM robot vacuum marketing targets (1) OEMs with existing products without a SLAM solution, and (2) cleaning OEMs without a robot vacuum cleaner. Q-SLAM markets commercial floor cleaner OEMs by appealing to their need for cost savings: every custodial job that is automated saves $29K USD. Q-SLAM markets autonomous refuse bin solutions to wastemanagement and home-improvement product OEMs as a new product.

4 Team & Operation

The company was founded in 2016 and we currently have a highly skilled and educated team of 13 engineers covering the entire spectrum of robotics and mobility. 


Mr Fitzgerald – CEO: Holds an MS in Computer Engineering from RIT with nearly a decade of

embedded systems design experience. Andy held senior roles in software and hardware design at Harris

corporation, where he developed a passion for automating solutions to customer problems.

- Ali Afrouzi – Co-founder, Chairperson, IP Director: Co-founder of bObsweep (combined revenue of

$60M USD, 2016-2018) and primary inventor of dozens of patents in AI and embedded systems. Ali has

over 10 years of industry experience including senior roles at Apple and Cisco. Ali’s expertise stretches

from IP networking and InfoSec to AI and robotics.