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Field:Artificial Intelligence

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Project description

1 Description


Commercial Real Estate tokenization is limited to sophisticated investors with a lot of risks and a lack of liquidity. Other public syndication such as REITs do not solve the problem because they provide low returns due to leverage regulation limitations.


Jointer is a blockchain based syndication model that acts as an alternative to Commercial Real Estate REITs and Tokenization leveraging a token model that gives investors a high returns and liquidity with the low risks of a REIT. 

2 Innovation

Patent pending token ecosystem

3 Market & Risk

Global CRE Market = $33.3 Trillion USD

Global Debt by LTV = 58%

Total Addressable Market = $13.98 Trillion USD

4 Team & Operation

Jointer is a commercial real estate blockchain startup with $16B market cap worth of team experience based in Silicon Valley, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel. Jointer won a $1,000,000 “Best Startup in the World” prize in 2018 during EDGE196’s worldwide competition between 4,000 startups and 196 countries and winner of the Disruptive Startup Award at Stanford University in 2019 by a panel of Google, SoftBank, Bain Capital, Thomson Reuters, Stanford Angels, BMW, Andreessen, NEA, and other top VC Funds.

Jointer’s prestigious advisory group includes Nobel Prize Winners, the previous Chairman of the SEC, the previous Vice Chairman of the NASDAQ, founder of Visa, the previous Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of State, the Founder of 500Startups, Founder of CIS, the CFO of Yahoo, the co-creator of Bitcoin’s prototype and other luminaries.