GBI100 Competition Joined Hands with MetaLab to Create a Better Future for R&D and Innovation

2019-09-18 origin:China Area

In order to better host the 2019 Global Best Innovation 100 (GBI100) Competition, the Organizing Committee of the GBI100 Competition has established strategic co-operation with Shanghai Maitan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MetaLab”). The co-operation has enabled the two sides to complement each other and to achieve a win-win situation. It is also expected to further contribute to resource sharing, transfer and industrial upgrading, which, in turn, cast a solid foundation for the steady advancement of the competition.

With the mission of “making contributions to China’s industrial transformation”, MetaLab is committed to link technology to industry, that is, to introduce external resources in order to help manufacturing enterprise to achieve technological innovation. With strong technical resources and service network, MetaLab can swiftly and accurately provide enterprises with professional R&D teams and technical solutions, as well as organising and coordinating enterprises to carry out upgrading of technology and other R&D activities.


Since its establishment in 2014, MetaLab has continuously explored and gradually formed a market-oriented operation mode that combines technological innovation, technology transfer and transformation of sci-tech achievements. In particular, it consists of 1) accumulating and coordinating global R&D and innovation resources; 2) building and using an online enterprise technology innovation service platform that covers the entire process of services; 3) organising and cultivating an offline professional service system; 4) expanding and integrating both internal and external supporting resources in order to become a “global R&D hub”.


2019 Global Best Innovation 100 Competition, Together to Create A Better Future